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Expansion of Brisbane Laboratory

Trilab is pleased to announce that the company has completed arrangements for the expansion of its Brisbane Laboratory (Geebung) and as a result is now able to facilitate storage of client samples on completion of their initial testing program.

As provided in Trilab’s Client Receipts Notification (issued to clients on the commencement of testing), samples supplied to Trilab are discarded thirty days after the date that Trilab issues its test reports, unless advised otherwise in writing. Given the expansion of the Brisbane facility, where requested, storage of samples can now occur at a cost of $150 per m2 per month (commencing thirty days after the issue of the test report). Clients may wish to take advantage of this service in situations where the project samples may require future testing.

Testing Capacity Enhancement

Trilab is also pleased to announce that the company has recently acquired a second P & S Wave (Sonic Velocity) system that is capable of testing NX, HQ and PQ sized rock core specimens. The system is expected to be installed and ready for use in the company’s Perth laboratory by early July 2012. In addition, eight new technical staff have joined the company since 1 January 2012.

Quarantine Approval

In February 2012, the company received confirmation that its Perth facility had successfully obtained an Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Permit to import, store and destroy quarantine material under the Quarantine Act 1908. All of Trilab’s laboratories are now authorised to receive soil and rock samples from overseas (subject to certain conditions).

All of the above initiatives are aimed at improving Trilab’s responsiveness to its client’s needs.