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Capacity to perform a Torsional Ring Shear and 300mm Shear Box

Press Release: 11 August 2015

Trilab is pleased to announce the expansion of the Perth laboratories testing capabilities with the acquisition of both a Torsional Ring Shear Test to determine Drained Residual Shear Strength of Cohesive Soils to ASTM D6467 test method. As well, a 300mm Shear Box to perform ASTM D3080 test method. NATA accreditation is held for both test methods.

The company has carried out a proficiency testing program to identify the variations in the test methods as well as the testing techniques, to enable Trilab to meet NATA’s strict accreditation requirements.

The scope of the company’s Perth accreditation with the National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (or NATA) has been expanded to include:

► The Torsional Ring Shear test, it is suited to the relatively rapid determination of drained residual shear strength. The test results are primarily applicable to assess the shear strength in slopes that contain a pre-existing shear surface, such as old landslides, and sheared bedding planes, joints, or faults as well as tailings and other fine grained materials. The ring shear device keeps the cross-sectional area of the shear surface constant during shear and shears the specimen continuously in one rotational direction for any magnitude of displacement. This allows clay particles to become oriented parallel to the direction of shear and a residual strength condition to develop.

► 300mm Shear Box, this method describes the procedure for the determination of the effective angle of internal friction at constant volume conditions of a disturbed sample. This method is applicable to granular type (coarse grained) materials, such as those used in reinforced soil structures and waste dumps as well as interface testing between soils and geotextiles, concrete and many other surfaces used in construction and can be carried out in both Perth and Brisbane laboratories.

For further information please visit www.trilab.com.au or contact Colin Purvis, General Manager (col.purvis@trilab.com.au), or Gerard Creely, Perth Laboratory Manager (gerard.creely@trilab.com.au)

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