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Mining Industry Leaders Laboratory Review Comments

Mining Industry Leaders Laboratory Review Comments:

Following a review of Trilab’s operations and testing capability in November 2016, the following comments were received from Mining Consultant Industry Leaders from around the world and locally:

“Many thanks for allowing us to visit your labs this afternoon. I must say I’m very impressed. Having been used to the national rock testing labs, what I saw today is equal if not better.”

“Thank you again for hosting us yesterday. I think the visit went really well, and the workshop team were extremely impressed with both the laboratory and your depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for geotechnical testing. So I think a big tick for the review.”

“Many thanks for getting these processed so quickly. Reiterating other comments from earlier on. Thank you for spending time with us yesterday, I really enjoyed my time in the lab yesterday and it was a great pleasure seeing some who is so obviously passionate about their work. I have great confidence in all of the test data that we have received from you.”