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Modern Slavery Statement

Intega Group Limited is an Australian ASX listed entity with several subsidiary companies and is subject to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth)
(‘Act’) that commenced operation on 1 January 2019. In compliance with the Act, Intega’s first annual statement is due on 31 March 2021.
The Intega Group Limited consists of:
– Construction Sciences Pty Ltd;
– Utility Locating Pty Ltd t/as SureSearch;
– Trilab Pty Ltd; and
– PPI Australia Pty Ltd.

Intega is committed to operating its business under an umbrella of legal compliance, staff inclusion and corporate social responsibility. The
Group is dedicated to ensuring it ethically engages with suppliers, contractors and subcontractors that are aligned with these values. At
Intega it is insisted that all supply chain partners operate in compliance with all applicable modern slavery laws prohibiting human slavery
and slavery like practices, human trafficking and child labour. Intega complies with all laws regarding modern slavery, corporate social
responsibility, environmental and workplace health and safety, staff inclusion and diversity and training. Intega has a whistle-blower policy
and an external, independent hotline for staff and suppliers to use. All staff receive compulsory training on how to utilise this service.

Being principally positioned and engaged in the construction materials testing, utilities locating, geotechnical and environmental engineering
space within the infrastructure industry, Intega and its subsidiary companies have a comparatively simple procurement supply chain that
includes the purchase of products and services needed for the businesses day-to-day operations. These include the procurement of office
and stationary supplies, IT infrastructure and support services, employment and training of staff, external legal consultants and other
advisory services when required, leasing and/or purchase of plant and laboratory equipment, motor vehicle leasing, leasing of office space,
and travel booking services.

In preparation for our first annual modern slavery statement, our executive management team in collaboration with our legal, finance,
human resource and operations teams are working collectively to ensure a company group-wide responsibility for ongoing compliance with
the Act.

Particular steps the Intega Group will undertake include:

  1. Assessing (and reporting) the risks in our operations and supply chains with emphasis on high risk geographical locations, supply
    chains and business transactions to ensure compliance with the Act;
  2. Continuous development and the review of our modern slavery policies throughout our operational and supply chains;
  3. Annual compulsory staff training in modern slavery compliance requirements and how to report any discrepancies;
  4. Continuous development of onboarding and due diligence processes for both local and international supply chains, contractors
    and subcontractors to ensure compliance with the Act;
  5. Legal review of all supply partner, contractor and subcontractor contracts and agreements to ensure they contain terms that align
    with both Intega’s core values and are compliant with the requirements of the Act; 2 MODERN SLAVERY STATEMENT 2 0 2 1
  6. Creating processes to monitor, identify, educate, discuss and address any potential modern slavery risks that may be identified in
    either our upstream or downstream contracts and supplier partner agreements; and
  7. Creating a modern slavery monitoring process to measure and report the effectiveness of Intega’s and our supplier partners
    compliance through performance monitoring ensuring compliant annual reporting under the Act.

    This statement is approved by the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

    Matt Courtney
    Managing Director and CEO
    Intega Group Limited

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