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Anglo Gold Ashanti Iduapriem Mine

Trilab is currently undertaking a large testing program for Anglo Gold Ashanti’s Iduapriem Mine. Testing involves multi stage rock triaxial testing as well as multi stage direct shear testing on rock core with pre-existing joints.

Core has been flown half way around the world in order to make use of Trilab’s Rock Mechanics laboratory; particularly its Rock Triaxial system.

This system allows for multi stage triaxial tests with confining pressures from 0.1MPa to 140MPa. The availability of an on sample strain measurement system complete with strain rate control allows for the determination of Elastic Properties at each confining stress as well as operator independent test control.

This allows for greater repeatability of test conditions for each of the samples tested during the testing program.

Direct shear samples will have laser surface profiling performed prior to and following shearing in order to evaluate JRC values prior to shearing and to enable evaluation of the damage done to the defect surface during shearing.

Date :

October 31, 2017