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Melbourne Metro Rail Project

A large scale direct shear testing program was recently completed for the Melbourne Metro Rail Project on behalf of Golder Associates. This program was part of the geotechnical investigation performed on the some 270 bore holes that were drilled along the Metro tunnel alignment.

Close to 100 hundred direct shear tests were carried out on rock core with existing defects have been carried out for this project. All defect surfaces were laser scanned prior to and following shear testing in order to determine surface degradation caused by the shearing process.

Following the initial laser surface scan each core defects was tested in Trilab’s Rock Mechanics Laboratory. The state of the art computer controlled shearbox equipment allows samples to be tested under a number of different conditions. In this particular case all samples were tested under Constant Normal Stress.

Testing was performed around the clock in order to complete such a large volume of testing within the available time frame and the final outcome was greatly appreciated by Golder Associates.

“Thanks Col for the great work you’ve put into this test program for us!

Chat in the New year about the next round of testing.

Have a good Christmas break!”


Mike Shackleton | Senior Geotechnical Engineer | Golder Associates Pty Ltd

Client :

Golder Associates Pty Ltd

Date :

October 31, 2017