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Rock Mechanics

Trilab houses the latest geomechanical testing equipment and associated data acquisition and instrumentation.

Trilab’s specific rock mechanics testing range includes:

  • GCTS High Pressure Triaxial RTR-2500 Rock Testing System – capacity of 2,500kN with a maximum 140MPa confining pressure
  • 7 Compression machines for Rock UCS testing incorporating Young’s Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio
  • 4 Extensometers for Rock UCS testing incorporating Young’s Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio
  • Over 19 Direct Shear units – up to 100mm square box; capable of up to 2,500 kPa normal pressures; all with data acquisition; Hencher correction; surface profiling
  • Over 30 Triaxial frames – specimen diameters of 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 86mm, and 100mm; all have pore pressure measurement and data acquisition; run concurrently; to a maximum confining pressure of 3,500 kPa for weathered rock
  • 5 Hoek-cell high pressure triaxial units – specimen diameters of 50mm, 63mm, and 83mm; all with data acquisition; to a maximum confining pressure of 50 MPa
  • Direct Tensile Strength testing of intact rock core specimens to ASTM International standards
  • P and S Wave / Sonic Velocity units – specimen diameter of 50mm, 63mm and 86mm; all with data acquisition
  • Point Load Index
  • Brazilian (indirect tensile strength)
  • Slake Durability and Dispersion
  • Cerchar Abrasivity
  • 3 End-grinder for rock sample preparation

Working To Standards

Trilab adheres to the testing methods defined by Standards Australia, and is accredited to other standards including ASTM International and standards associated with other jurisdictions.

In order for Trilab to complete tests to the appropriate standard, customers are required to provide samples consistent with the minimum quantities and core diameters outlined in the attached Guide.

For a copy of Trilab’s Capability Statement click here.